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STEP ONE...Hire your Agent!

Talk to at least two, if not three, real estate agents, not only to learn how they will represent you, but also to get a sense of how you would like working with each potential agent.  You will be establishing and building a relatuonship with your agent, so it's important the the fit is just right...for both of you!  Ask friends, relatives and coworkers for referrals.  I would love to be one of your 3 interviews!


STEP TWO...Get Pre-Qualified!

In today's market it's essential to get pre-qualified for a home loan before touring any homes- unless you're paying cash of course.  Pre-qualification allows you to make an offer quickly and competitively- there is no time to be lost in a competitive market.  And falling in love with a home you can't compete for because you didn't prequalify is so sad.  



STEP Three...The Hunt Begins!

Time to shop!  But first, define your must haves, nice to haves and negotiables to help define your search.  Surfing Zillow and other sites is OK for previewing, but photos and Zestimates® are not adequate to qualify which properties you want to see in person.  We'll leverage agent networking to catch properties before they come on MLS.  We'll tour homes of interest to "see, feel and touch" the house and the 'hood. I'll run Comparative Market Analyses to aide us in evaluating value vs price.  We will have fun, but we will be serious about it.



STEP Four...The Path to Closing!

We'll cheer when your offer is accepted...then it's promptly back to business.  Inspections, appraisal, loan process...many steps remain to ensure we are protecting you and your interests on the road to closing.  The escrow period can be stressful, but we'll work through our due diligence with patience and perseverance.  When we get to closing, we'll cheer again!  


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